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Department Specific Informations

There are 309 gazetted roads within Uva Provincial Council which belong to the Provincial Council. They are maintained by the Provincial Council utilizing Provincial Council Funds. These roads have been brought under 6 regional engineering divisions. The department carried out various programmes during the past few years for the better maintenance of roads among which following are of special importance

1. Program of road maintenance utilizing premix and gravel.
2. Program for improvement of Provincial Council roads.
3. Emergency Road Maintenance Program.
4. Road to the village Program.
5. Implementation of the Poor Friendly Rural Development Program in collaboration with the Planning 
    unit of the Uva Province.
6. Implementation of the Road –Field Development Program with assistance from the Asian Development Bank.


1. Program of maintaining road surface using premix or gravel.

Necessity :
Maintenance of road using premix or gravel on damages and dilapidated condition on the road surface.

Benefits :
Making the road suitable for transport and traveling.

Present Position :
Identifying damages and dilapidation of roads at the Divisional Engineering Division level, this program will be implemented by the Regional Engineers offices on direct labour basis.

Progress :
Out of the 309 roads which belong to the Provincial Council of Uva Province, roads identified for maintenance on priority basis within the limits of annual provision allocated are carried out under this program.


2. Program of Improvements to the Provincial Council Roads 

Necessity :
Improvement and rehabilitation of 309 gazetted Provincial Council Roads as well as bridges and culverts identified on the exigencies of improvement.

Through an effective road system ,

•  To provide transport facilities to the public in the area.
•  To provide sound road facilities in order to get fulfilled other basic needs of the people such as educational and health needs within a shortest possible time.
•  To enable cultivators to transports their agro products to the market without dalay in order to fetch a good prices for them.
•  To enable rural people too to enjoy benefits of modern technology.

Present Position and how it is functioning,
Roads, bridges and culverts identified for improvement on priority basis at regional Engineers Division level are being attended to by awarding contracts or through approved societies or on direct labour basis.

Out of the 309 roads belonging to the Uva Provincial Council roads identified at the Divisional Engineers’ Division level to the developed during the respective years will be improved under any basis mentioned above. Particulars development work carried out during period and the provisions allocated are given below.


3. Emergency Road Maintenance Program.       
Under this program it is expected to carry out emergency maintenance work that emerge unexpectedly due to land slides and public requests. Further it is a program meant repairing roads, bridges and culverts, clearing jungles on either side of the road, digging drains etc.

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