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Background of the Department

In terms of the 13the Amendment to the Constitution, except national highways and rural roads belonging to Local Government institutions, remaining roads falling under C.D.E, categories  belong to the Provincial Council. As identified at present 1738 Km of roads approximately come under the control of the Uva Provincial Council. Provincial Councils had been created about 15 years ago even by the year 2006, the absence of sustainable methodology for updating and maintaining the road system in good condition was a serious drawback.

Further being a special topographical zone the Uva Province has to exercise frequent maintenance work in its road system. Similarly in view of the special social and economic factors inherited to this province, the necessity of specific road maintenance methodology is strongly felt.

Earlier three separate divisions namely chief Engineer and construction Service, Provincial roads, Building Construction and Irrigation and later these three divisions formed into separate departments and the development work to be carried out by the Uva Province Construction Service was identified, Accordingly the Uva Provincial Department of Road Development under the Ministry of Provincial Roads, Electricity and Cooperatives in carrying out valuable service for improving the road system in the Uva Province.

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